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You’re here because you want to Step into your power, share your gifts and make a difference!

That’s where I come in

—the visibility mentor of your dreams.

I can help you overcome your self-consciousness, so you can . . .

* Rock your next photoshoot
* Host successful webinars and other kinds of live streams
* Feel confident giving speeches and presentations
* Use video to create group programs
* Communicative effectively in 1-on-1 sessions

Find out how we can work together below.

Overcoming self-consciousness being seen and heard

Banish your fear once and for all. This 12-week intensive course uses my innovative, 4-phase framework to help you get comfortable being visible and showing up as yourself in front of the camera — so you can effectively communicate your message on a variety of platforms in a way that feels natural to you and resonates with your clients.

A crystal-clear deep dive for seasoned entrepreneurs

You’ve got plenty of experience: you’re not looking for yet another coaching program. Rather than telling you what you already know, I use my savvy and know-how in this single deep dive session, to help you get crystal clear on exactly what you want to do, so you can move forward with conviction, confidence, and excitement.

Have a blast in front of the camera

You don’t have to dread the idea of having pictures taken. In fact, you can feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera, and be excited to see the results. In these personalized sessions, I’ll teach you how to create a mindstate where you love being in front of the camera. Not only will you have a great time, your photos will gain you visibility and attract your ideal clients.

Before working with Linda, if someone pointed a camera at me, all I wanted was to run away. Now my website is up, complete with photos and even video!

Girija Satyanarayan

Health initiatives

One session with you and my mind was completely blown. I will never look at being on video the same again. I already feel 100% more confident and empowered and cannot wait to turn that camera on! I’m not quite sure what you did, but it was amazing.

Gregg Sugermann

Transformational Success Coach

I was able to feel myself centered, calm and confident on camera and to express just what I wanted! 


Justine Porges


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