Be seen. Be heard.

Be unapologetically you.

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The entrepreneurs willing to show their face, will own the space.

But what if you are afraid of being seen? So many of us are.

If you’re not feeling confident enough to make the impact
you know you can make, let’s change that.

“I already feel 100% more confident and empowered and cannot wait to turn that camera on!”
Gregg Sugerman, Transformational Success Coach

I’m Linda Ugelow, speaker and Transformational Speaking coach for visionary women who want to make a positive impact in the world. As a performer of 35 years and a master’s degree in Expressive Therapies / movement studies, I’ve been helping people get comfortable in their skin for decades.

I’ll help you clear the nerves and visibility blocks so that you’ll feel free to share your message with your unique style and brilliance.

Get your FREE guide: 10 ways to overcome your fear of speaking, live or on camera.


Though I am an actress and filmmaker, I have always had a ridiculously hard time feeling natural when sitting for portraits. Linda is truly amazing. I felt like an entirely new person. It was as if my worldview shifted! The shoot turned out to be so fun, and even easy. Best of all, I love each and every one of my photos!

thumb_01_90_90 Shawna Lander


Actress and Filmmaker

This is a huge leap for me to go from being so afraid to actually enjoy making videos! If I could get comfortable in front of the camera, I’m excited for all the other people you could help. I would say to them, definitely work with Linda!

thumb_01_90_90 Tina Shah Doshi


Business Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs + Photographers

I am so much more confident and accepting of who I am. And I’ve since spoken at a rally before hundreds of people.

thumb_01_90_90 Janet Powers


Dancer, Artist, Activist

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